Print Lives: Desiree Rorschach

Why do you have so many boogers?

I have no idea, but I think I have less than the average human because I always pick them out.

We see lots of "Free the Nipple" talk, which we love. Do you think the "Free the Tip" movement will ever gain prominence?


Are you the only chick that's ever spent time in the Think Thank van, Delores?

I highly doubt it.

Top three van moments of 2015?

I only had two weeks in Delores this year, which is nowhere near enough time to give a top three van moments for 2015, specifically. Past top three moments include:

  • Brandon Hammid “Truth or Daring” and wearing his sleeping bag with the heater on full blast for thirty minutes while driving to Colorado.
  • Sean Black jacking off in the jack shack while we were all in the van.
  • Driving in Delores from Minneapolis to Massachusetts on my 25th birthday the first time I ever got in her during the filming of Brain Dead Heart Attack.

We have to ask, what did you think of the Too Hard documentary on Vice?

It’s a bad representation of snowboarding.

When are you going to give up the gluten-free act? We've heard you’ve got a habit of breaking it anyway?

Hahaha! I cheat every now and again when I have a really bad or good day. It’s not like the crew makes it easier. You all love pizza, beer and breakfast bagels.

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© Daniel Tengs

Desiree layn' low in Riksgrensen. 

How many chicken nuggets can you eat?

Twenty in one sitting probably, but I like the fish fillet and 12-piece combo.

Are you pretty?


Kink Rails?

Fuck fucking trying to front board the Jewit rail.


Every once in a while.

What’s the “Best Day Ever” routine?

Oh man… Waking up in a house full of the crew. (Sean) Lucey and I cooking breakfast for everyone. Piling into the van. Going snowboarding. This can be anywhere. I had a lot of fun at the end of the season trips like the Snoqualmie one or the Brighton one we just did. Shoveling and filming. The boys doing crazy tricks. An 18 pack of Bud Light. A Bloody Mary. Skating. Then group dinner. Laughing. Karaoke. Dancing. Best. Day. Ever.

Are you the female version of Lizard King?

I don’t think so but I will take it.

How is Tinder treating you these days?


Fuck one, marry one, kill one: Freddy Perry, Erik Karlsson, Brandon Reis?

Kill Reis because I love his GF, fuck Kirby, marry Freddy.

What sponsors are helping to keep ya afloat?

Salomon, Smith Optics, ThirtyTwo, Coal Headwear, Cobra Dogs. AF1234, Volcano Cones, Crab Grab, Drink Water, Mtn. Approach, Bud Light.

Last Words...

I can never say it enough, but HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to the Burtners, Lucey, Brynn, the entire Think Thank crew and Jess Kimura. They have done so much for me. I always try to do what I can to give back, but it never feels like enough.