A Definitive Part: Desiree Melancon's 11/12 Season Part

In this fast paced world of scrolling that we now find oursleves in, with no more that a couple of seconds given to decided whether or not to pause or continue in search for the next new peice of online content we get lost in constantly looking forward and forget to look back from time to time. So we will be looking back at our favourite definitive parts from the best female riders out there.

This week we look back at a part from a rider that has truely defined the progression of fremale freestyle snowboarding. Desiree Melancon has been stretching that bar of what's deemed possible and achievable in shredding the streets and the backcountry and she's been doing it for some time now! So we have taken it back to maybe not her best ever full part but one that really started her off on this upward trajectory towards multiple movie parts alongside the best snowboarders in the world and landing on prestigious mag covers such as Snowboarder mag. This is her 11/12 Season Full Part put together by the one and only Tanner Pendelton and it shows Desiree really breaking through with insane amount of style and composure  in the streets as well as holding her own sending it in the backcountry too. Here's what Des had to say about her part...

"During 11/12 I took a step away from the traditional video and hopped around on some trips with Jess Kimura, Peep Show, and Salomon during Team Vacation. I was broke, Jess funded some of my trips and I remember wondering if snowboarding professionally was on the cards for me. I lucked out and ended up in front of Joe Carlino, Tanner Pendleton, Brendon Hupp, and June Bhongjan... thanks to Java Fernandez, Tanner ended up editing the footage.. he made a little footage go a long way. I feel really lucky to have had so many people support me by letting me hang around them. After the part came out online I finally felt like I was beginning my journey into filming, even though I had filmed five parts before that!"

So sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of female snowboarding blossoming into new levels of awesomeness.