Scandalnavians - Nils Arvidsson Interview

We caught up with our good friend Nils Arvidsson shortly after the release of the the Scandalnavians 2  movie release to see how he got on filming his amazing part from creative streets spots to backcountry senders. Make sure to watch his full part below and then check out our interview with the man himself!


Hey Nils, heavy part, are you happy with how it turned out? 

Hey, thanks! It’s the part I’m the most happy with so far at least but it can always be better.

How was it to film for a 2 year project? You stacked heavy in the first year, and it didn’t look like you slowed down last winter either.

It definitely felt good knowing what the main focus would be for two seasons! I only had some minor injuries and was really motivated to film so no need to slow down, I wish it kept going! 

Best trip you went on? 

They where all good, except for one street trip in Sweden where I broke a back rib the first day and missed out on a Vans trip I really wanted to join. But if I have to pick one I’d say the Japan trip, I’ve been there a few times but got to explore some new zones this time and met some cool locals too.

© Bernstål Perceptions is everything. A well held Handplant from Nils.


How was riding up in Riksgränsen while the Covid Pandemic forced a global lockdown? 

It was definitely a bit weird and I was hesitating at first about what to do. Sweden took a different path than most other countries which made it possible for us to go there and finish the movie. They had restrictions and limited amounts of visitors up there and I feel like it worked out well. The conditions where a bit tricky up there as always though, but we found some soft snow and eventually some fun slush spring riding to end the season.

Do you have a favourite trick in your part?

Not really, I’ve said the tree bonk bs 7 before but at the moment I like the small banana slide more. That spot was at the school I went to as a kid (and still live close too) and I’ve been looking at it for so long trying to figure out if something was possible and worth doing there. Didn’t think that one was possible at first because the walls and roof is really narrow so I’m stoked it worked out.

© Bernstål Caution! Low Bridge.
Sweets, Sleep, Shovel. All Nils needs to film a banger part.


What’s the one that got away? 

There are a few that got away and some I wanted to try but never got the chance, don’t want to claim anything but hopefully you will see it in the future.

Who’s part from the movie were you most hyped on? 

Everyone killed it and I like the feel of the whole movie really. But Ludde’s part is my favorite.

© Erik Nylander Time to reflect? No, ok. 

If you had a pet shark, what would you call it, and where would you ride it?

Haha, I’d call her baby and just take her on some wild rides you know.

What was the luck/skill ratio for the tree bonk to cork 7?

50/50 maybe... haha.
We had two sessions on that spot and I was trying something else first that didn’t work out. The landing was pretty worked when I decided to go for the bonk 7 so I only did like 3-4 tries I think and they were not too bad. After a snowfall we went back, I won the RoShamBo and got it first try, which was lucky and a dope feeling.

Thanks Nils!

If you haven't yet caught the full spectacle, sit back and enjoy the full Scandalnavians movie here: