Scandalnavians 2 - One Year In.

Len Jørgensen approached me a couple years back and asked if we shouldn’t make a sequal to Scandalnavians, and now the time was finally right. 

"Ok, let’s do it I" said to him. "Let’s go all in for one year and let’s make the best movie possible.”

‘Why not two years?’ He said. "I never made a two year project, but I guess it would make everything twice as good”

"Ok, let’s do a two year project instead.”


So now we have gathered the best riders, music, spots and cultural trademarks that Scandinavia has to offer, and the result will reach your screens in 2020. 

- Kuske

© Erik Nylander Len poking one out in Riks.

The lineup for Scandalnavians 2 is seriously heavy, and the final result is guaranteed to melt your screens.

We didn't want to completely blow everything before they'refinished shooting, but we chatted with a few of the heads involved to get a little insight into how the project is going so far.

© Kuske The crew in Oulu.

First up we speak to the main man behind the project, videographer, photographer, director... Kuske.

What’s ruled so far while shooting?

That it’s a rider driven project and most of the riders are homies and working towards a common goal. Not just a random bunch of people put together by their sponsors and forced to put together a full part that they have no control over in the end. The better we make the final movie the more hyped people will be with having a part in it.

And what sucked?

Snow conditions, injuries, contest schedules vs filming trips, convincing sponsors to commit to a two year project... You know, same old, same old. But I’m hyped for next year. Feel like everyone is way more on point going into this season knowing exactly what they are going to do.

Some original riders are in this new project, what about the others? What are they up to? What directions have their lives taken?

The O.G-crew from back in the days are still snowboarding a little bit. But most of them have gotten a proper education and working with ”real” and ”grown-up” jobs nowadays. Viktor Wikberg is becoming a technical engineer, Kire Karlsson studies to be an architect. Klas Beyer is working hard on being a national celebrity in Sweden. Ludde Lejkner is building fences instead of hopping over them. Carro Degardh is becoming a construction engineer, and Tove Holmgren is working as a nurse saving lives, instead of risking her own life. People’s lives are taking different directions for sure but I feel like everyone still has a deeper connection through snowboarding and we still have the best time every time we hang out.

Snowboard media has shifted massively since the first movie. What's your take on where we currently are? Are we fucked? Or will everything be ok? 

It for sure has changed a lot, and I’m sure it’s gonna change a lot more by the time our movie comes out. But I hope that is still place for full-length movies and longer projects. It’s cool that people can get their quick fixes on 5 second Instagram clips, but hopefully that just creates a need to watch more snowboarding and most importantly go out and ride by themselves. To sum it up I would say; We are fucked, but that’s also ok.

© Daniel Bernstål Ludvig taking a dip. 

Next up, rider, Ludvig Biltoft.

Did you watch the first Scandalnavians movie back in 2013? What is your relation to that movie?

Of course, if you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely peep it. I remember it was a sick line up, all the guys I looked up to as a kid. Like Lejkners part was so dope, don’t know how many times I've watched it. 

How does it feels to be a ”Rookie” filming your first full part among more experienced riders?

It’s always nice to be on trips with people that you look up to and are more experienced than you. Like this season I spent a lot of time in the Arlberg area with Nils Arvidsson and it really makes you feel safer being out with someone you can trust and who knows what they‘re doing. 

Is it harder or easier being out filming than going on tour with the Swedish National Team (that you quit this year)?

Don’t know what’s harder or not. It’s definitely something I always wanted to do and something I been pushing towards to since I started snowboarding. Wouldn’t probably even be doing it at the first place if it wasn’t cause of all the snowboard movies I watched as a kid, so I’m glad to be a part of something that makes me and hopefully more people wanna go and keep boarding.

Most scandalous thing to go down so far while shooting?

Don’t think we have been that scandalous so far. But we have a premiere tour coming up, so we should try to step things up.

Also big thanks to Kuske and Nitro for making it possible for me.

© Kuske Filmer Theo Muse baggin' the shots.


© Daniel Bernstål Nils and Niklas Ehnberg Double Trouble in Ljusne.

Finally we catch up with Nils Arvidsson who we've filmed with muliple times throughout the Method Movies.

What’s changed for you since the first movie? 

More experience and more facial hair, I also feel more focused on this project. 

What's your take on the change in snowboard media over the last six years?

Obviously Instagram/social media has become a lot bigger, and sadly a lot of magazines have gone under. I think Instagram is a good source for inspiration, but it’s easy to get stuck in front of that fucking phone watching so much different stuff that it can get too much sometimes.

There are also a lot of edits and mini movies coming out these days which is cool, so it’s more spread out instead of everything dropping at the same time in fall. To me the movies and full parts has always been the most inspiring to watch though, and still is. 

What's ruled so far while shooting this movie?

All of it pretty much, good crew and fun trips!

And what's sucked?

I had a back injury and was out for a few weeks which sucked.

Most scandalous thing to go down so far while shooting?

Maybe when Johan Nordhag jumped into a fjord in Norway by mistake. I wasn’t there for that but it’s really sketchy being in deep water with the board and all the gear but he managed it like a boss, the board got left behind though *laughs*.

© Daniel Bernstål Nils shredding his very first snowboard! Noseslide eith mega skinny stance, haha.

Keep your eyes peeld for the full movie dropping this Fall!