Gasthof Zillertal in collaboration with Method Magazine present the Shoot Your Friends video competition.

The Shoot Your Friends video competition was a team competition held in the Zillertal valley in Austria. Teams of 4 riders shot footage over a 6-week period to be edited down into a 3- 4 minute video.

The contest started on February 20, 2011 with more than 10 teams entered. Every Sunday assignments were given out to the teams, which had to be included in the final edit. Some assignments were serious, some were funny (mostly funny though). We sent the teams on road trips, asked them to show us their finest seasonnaire dinner recipes and wondered who could ollie the most beer crates. All the ingredients were there for a creative, funny and occasionally serious end result.

The finals were held on Sunday, April 10 in the Rider's Lounge of the Gasthof-Zillertal. The crowd gathered for the screening of the final edits and the jury and the noise of the crowd chose the best 3. Standing ovations!

For the winning teams there was a nice pile of swag to give out, thanks to the support all our sponsors, we really appreciate their support. Big ups to 32 boots, Westbeach, K2, Bataleon, Quiksilver, Million Thoughts Entertainment, Transform Gloves and Hoppipolla headwear.

People were hyped on the goods they won!

Here are the WIENERS!

1st Place Spaghetti Hoop Toasties - Jono Cole, Emil Walker, Carl van den Boom, Eliot van den Boom

2nd Place Team 302 - Ron Besseling Tobias, Bakker Walter Matse, Dario van Houwelingen

3rd Place CVB Crew - Rickard Croy, Mikael Bersten, Martin Björkqvist

We were so stoked with the results that we will definitely do this again next year, so don't sleep, COME THRU BITCHES!!