Snake 'N Bake: Nils Cobra Arvidsson

We charmed a snake called Nils "Cobra" Arvidsson, threw him in a basket and poked a stick at him till he answered some questions. Enjoy!

State your full name and tell us where you got the nickname Cobra?
My full name is Nils Sture Sigurd Olov Leopold Arvidsson. Cobra is my snowboard gang in Sweden. We are called the "Demon Cobras." You better watch out! Check out
Nils *Cobra' Arvidsson
Cobras are famous for their threatening hood at their necks, what do you have that is threatening below your neck?
I'm rocking some mad Rip Curl clothes on the hill and in the streets I just like to wear some skate/punk style clothes or whatever feels comfortable. I'm also known for my enormous, vicious, snake-like member!

Cobras hiss loudly to scare off potential predators, how do scare off your predators?
That's one of the best parts of being in a gang. If I am in trouble I just call for my other Cobras and they will fuck shit up! It's crazy how crews out there are freaking out about "their" spots, claiming parts of mountain as "theirs" and even destroying rails after hitting them. That surf mentality never appealed to me. It's always more fun to find and hit stuff that has never been done before, but if there is nothing else around except a good spot that someone else has already hit that you know will work, I don't see anything wrong in hitting that! Especially if you mix it up bit with different tricks.
Nils mixing it up in the trees, 50-50 mega pop off
Cobras live in hot tropical areas in Africa, Australia and Southern Asia, where do you live?
I'm from the dark forests of Sweden. I grew up in a small, awesome village called Järvsö and I still hang out there a lot during the summer. During wintertime I travel around chasing pow, rails and do some contests, basically whatever shred I can get! I have spent most of the season in Europe so far. I went to China twice and now I am planning a trip to the States.

These snakes are hunters and will quietly follow their prey, are you a hunter and who do you follow around?
I'm on the hunt for shots this season! I am trying to put together a video part for Standard Films and Nitro, so I have been shooting some rails in Scandinavia and now I'm strictly after the pow! I just got back from a shoot with Standard in Austria and now it's time to go overseas to steal some of their white gold.
The Cobra with a venomous back 7
Cobras also spit, do you spit or swallow?
I spit blood and swallow beer!!
Oh shiiieeeettt!!!Cobras are also colorblind, what do you see?
My cobra eyes likes to rest on the beautiful mountains, my girlfriend, friends, Järvsö, whiskey cokes and a good punk show!

They are also cannibals, have no cutting teeth and gulp down every meal, what do you eat?
Haha. I am exactly like a cobra in that way. I'm always stuffing my face as fast I can, especially eating the classic "pasta with Falun sausage". I just put my mouth to the plate and shove the food in there! My favorite foods are meatballs, burgers, lasagna, pizza, kebab, steak, fish, shrimps, ice cream, garlic, corn and BBQ. Mmmmmmmmm...
The Cobra loves fish!   
Cobras only attack when they is cornered or in self-defense, when do you like to attack?
As soon as I strap in, I am in attack mode! At contests and while filming I try to push it a lil' extra! During the summer I am more chilled and I like to be out on the lake back home with friends, I also play some tennis and of course go skating.
Nisse attacking the piste with a double cork knuckle buckleDuring mating season, the potential mates find each other by sending scent messages, how do you mate?
Well, I have a girlfriend now since last summer so I just call her and it's on!  The other times I was successful it usually involved alcohol and parties to mate. Haha!
Putting out the cobra mating call

The cobra's aggressive reputation and and its lethal defenses have inspired people to view its powers as god-like, how are you perceived?
That's a tough one. I try not to think about what other people think about me too much. I hope people like my riding and personality, haha. I, myself, am never satisfied with my riding, I always want to do better and I guess that's what keeps pushing me.

Most cobras are shy, and run and hide when people are around. Are you the same?
I don't know really. I can be pretty shy in the beginning when meeting new people, I think it's the Swedish way. I prefer to listen more than to speak. But once you get to know me I am not very shy, or after a few drinks, "the Finnish way"...
Nils getting blind!Cobras are very intelligent, and can learn quickly, which helps them avoid dangerous situations. Are you a quick learner? 
There is so much to learn in snowboarding, especially in the backcountry, it's endless really. And also how to make snowboarding work as a "job", and of course the tricks and pushing your riding. I learn a lot from my shred buddies in Sweden and also my teammates at Rip Curl and Nitro. The Standard crew are really experienced, so it feels really great to be a part of this new project and I definitely can learn a lot from them.

A group of cobras is called a quiver. What's in your quiver? 
In my quiver you will find some Nitro boots and bindings, a Nitro Swindle for the street, T1 for the park and a Team board for the pow! And I'm always rocking my Rip Curl clothes and goggles. I "Drink Water" instead of those nasty energy drinks that are everywhere these days. I buy my shit at and wear DVS shoes when I can't wear my boots.

Last spit of venom?
Going soulshredding, laters!!!