The Big BEO Show

What a week that we just wrapped up at the Burton European Open in LAAX. It was a total tubular time! Screw words to tell you about it, we have a grip of pics for you to check out, so get into it!

We sat down with some of the young guns to get their 2 cents on the contests and the scoring, that's almost a dime in total! Seb Touts, Mark McMorris, Seppe Smits and Eric WillettGot a sweet new Joystick from Burton and headed up to see what was cooking...Aimee Fuller was getting some hangtime trying to make her way to the big final.Chris Bachmann IS pro snowboarding (or at least its voice)Luke Mitrani was having a blast, just cruising and keeping everyone awake with his late-late-night bongo sessionsShrederick Austbo and his boss Gary Greenshields, G's UP, hoes down!A new generation of American exports were shipped over to bring back beaucoup Euros! Benji Farrow in the finals and his homie Seth HillLegendary Burton TM Hasi and the big B's big boss Herman Kapeferer hug it outHenning Andersen is a hero! Every snowboarder should thank him for all he does for our "sport".Kazu crushing the semis as Weaver and his indefatigable vocal chords look onJon Weaver giving plenty of love to the media dudes...and outerwear. Onboard's Uli Koehler looking dapper.My new Japanese friend KJ, you can only imagine his real name...Old dudes have to wear extra protection, Xaver Hoffman about to drop in.Xaver gunnin' for the young guns with a Taipan to fakieThey thought it would be funny to show the kids powder runs while they waiting their turn to drop into the pipe...A pack of ski weekend warriors took a wrong turn and ended up in the super pipe, everyone freaked out.Banterbox's Henry Jackson throwing up a wham-o method as recently retired (and freshly-appointed Burton TM) Sani Alibabic follows hot on his tailNils Arvidsson breezy and steezy backlip in semis, with Jon and aforementioned tireless vocal chords in the foregroundTouts was happy to qualify for the final, McMorris was numb.For once, Willett didn't make the cut, but he was still happy to be there.Markus Malin, Roope Tonteri & Sammi Luhtanen were hoping to Finnish well...ha!Down at the bottom there were plenty of exotic hot (and excessively sweet) drinks being served in the BEO igloo and there was even a Mini to test drive.Inside the igloo Burton had some product on ice...The last day of the BEO people were invited to try to smash the ice and win the goods!Ben Stewart spinning in qualis.Brett Esser rippin' and flippin'Christian Haller was fresh off a pipe win at the Evolution but unfortunately didn't make the final in LAAX. Homie's got buttery back fives for days.Dropping!Gian Simmen may spend more time holding a mic these days but they don't give out Olympic gold medals for nothing, homie can still fling his carcass with the best of them, mean and lean BS 5Jan Sherrer is gonna be causing trouble in the pipe this season, look out!Peetu looking pretty in khakiRyan Herkawitze cranks out a beefy method in the pipe during semisSpencer Shaw frontside niner all corked out and stuffWhile you were waiting in line for the pipe, Seth Hill was bonin' indies in the hot pow!LAAX Freestyle Academy's newest class...Jamie Anderson playing with the, uhm... big ball at the start of the slopestyle course Silje throwing up the front rodeo aka the Jigga flipLinn and Silje are such cute little cupcakesHeli was scoping for awesomenessBluntly beautifulSven Thorgren is a stylin' Scandi on the slopestyle Haller atcha boy! Proper back nose blunt from HitschHaller huckin' flesh further down the courseMcMorris dropping in like a fucken liger (that's a mix between a lion and a tiger in case you were wondering)McMorris floaty front fiver on the quarterSeb Touts trying to keep his contest winning streak goingTouts on course, look at that massive stance!Peetu checking the view between his legs in finalsChas looks on as he holds the top spot through finals, unfortunatley when the smoke settled he finished 3rd, but good work nonetheless by Chuck G!Chas cracks out the quadruple poke method for extra points, METHOD approved!Roope came through with a never before seen run which inlcuded a cab9, back double 12 and flat spin cab 1440 on the kicker line to take 1st!Grip 'o boards... Photo: TAGKendall Brown in the mist, proper tail bone FS airI tried to copy MBM's Lars' notes, but that shit is illegible hogwash.Ursina says "Haller" to the crowdLinn Haug impresses the skier youth on the coping with a steezy backside airFrontside 7 heaven from Kelly Clark Peetu getting ready to smoke the pipe for the top spot!Markus Malin pops out of the pipe along with the sun for the pipe final!First wall alley oop 3 from KazuKazu's final run to take second. Homie''s got the best McTwist in the game!I-Pod pre-drop for 3rd placePeetu sails into first, that's 2 years in a row at the BEO!

Goodbye beautiful LAAX, see you next year!

If you missed the live webcast and still need more to sate your unquenchable addiction to shred porn, here are some video highlights. You can also click HERE to check out the full official results.

Slope highlights

Pipe highlights


Jamie Anderson

Chas Guldemond


I Pod


Kelly Clark

Photos by Seth Hill, ADT & Adi
Videos by TTR World Tour, nice work Nug!