The Loon Project - Gallery

Rarely do events involving some of the heaviest and most creative riders go unnoticed but for the Loon Project, it was a testament to see where an event can go without the inevitable blowout of mainstream notoriety. Snowboy Productions took it upon themselves to nourish some of the cultural roots in snowboarding and to simply encourage killer times on the hill with friends, brews and day-long sessions. 

Press release-
The Loon Project came out of nowhere and nearly toppled the interweb last week. Snowboy Productions rolled out the first of their new "The Projects" series with a creative mash-up with longtime supporter Scott Stevens and Loon Mountain. The four day heater sessions of some of the most creative riders in snowboarding left the banks, barrels, boobs, jibs, jerseys, tunnels, tubes, trannies, rails and donuts melting into the New Hampshire dirt. Keep your eyes peeled for the recap video and scope more of the action by following #TheLoonProject and @snowboyproductions on Instagram.
Thanks to Snowboy Productions, Scott Stevens, Loon Mountain, CAPiTA, Coal,, Crab Grab, Jon Stark and all the riders, filmers, photographers and park crew that made this week possible.

Photos By Ashley Rosemeyer / @thrashley_photo 



colenavin (1).jpg

Cole Navin hanging under.


dillonojo (1).jpg

Dillon Ojo stunting as always.



Masterminds Geno and Krush.



Jesse Paul got them spaghetti legs!



Johnny O'Connor with a timeless frontboard.

marcusrand (1).jpg

Marcus Rand bustin' harder than MJ.


maxlyons (1).jpg

Max Lyons raising the frontside roof.


Mike Rav groovin' in his dancing pants.



Phil Jacques and Scott Stevens kill time over dirty jokes. 


scottstevens (2).jpg

Scott Stevens planting plants this spring.


scottstevens_jump (1).jpg

Scott Stevens manning his UFO.



Sean Genovese ain't scared to get on the down low.


Digital Brainwashing.