The Reels for Reals!

The Reels rolled for the first time this past weekend in Annecy, France. What a concept! A weekend with the possibility to watch over 30 of the year's top shred movies, meet the riders, talk with the filmers, see the castle and the old town, swim in the lake and down a few brews with the bros! This event put a huge spotlight on the movie-making side of snowboarding, which is one of the main things we love about it, and something that influences our entire culture in ways that contests and gold medals never will. So we were happy to take in this overdose of awesomeness and cheer for our favorite parts like our favorite songs at a concert, sitting in the theater alongside names like Ingemar Backman, Peter Line, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, Xavier De le Rue and so many more legendary snowboarders!

Official awards were given out (The Golden Reels), but we wanted to get the production companies' opinions about the other movies and made a questionnaire for them to fill out. People understandably had a hard time grading other flicks and a lot of people didn't even give me back their forms (I'll remember that next year when your teasers drop, fellas, see if we post 'em, :) We thought about all you people that couldn't be there to watch all the best shred porn of the year so we tried to film some parts the first day but got busted by security. Scroll down through the pictures, the questionnaires and you will find some footage of the movies that we brought back for you your poor souls that couldn't come. Don't sleep on this most excellent event, it's like the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals rolled into one, next season make sure you make it to The Reels. It's basically the raddest event going in snowboarding right now!Annecy Postcard #1. Epic medieval canals.Annecy Postcard #2. Some towns have stray dogs, Annecy has stray swans everywhere.Annecy Postcard #3. Lake Annecy, which made Mark Twain cry from its sheer beauty.There was a mini ISPO going on inside this tent.Mini mountain for mini people.Knut Eliassen and his fiancée were ready for the movies to roll.Knut produced Hyped!, here are his answersOlivier Gittler was ready to get juiced on some shred porn for the incoming season.Toni Kerkela getting snacks and throwing horns.Jon Francis from Givin' filled out the questionnaire first.Petrus Koskinen from KBR brought his own snack.Marc Vaudroz aka Serge from WhatWeWant Films found himself some Bavarian beer somehow.Serge's questionnaireHarrison Gordon & Frank April were pumped!Meet the Meyers. VG's Justin, his lovely lady Amber and little big man Marz.Isenseven's Tom Elliott turn in his homework late for half credit.We back them, they back us. Isenseven's Tom Elliott, Think Thank's Jesse Burtner and Random Bastards' Eric Hörstedt.Jesse Burtner's questionnaireThese dudes have big Blue Balls. Kalle Ohlson, Hans Alhund and Eric Hörstedt.Haze's questionnaireKBR Snakebite squadThe Pirates' Basti Balser has his own grading system.Standard Films 2112 brought their full contingent.Matthieu Giraud's questionnaireFull house!Ayit, so we tried to get some footage on the first day of WhatWeWant Films' Levity, KBR's Snakebite, Standard Films' 2112 and Pirates' Unique 8, Burton's 13 but security found us. Make sure you get the real movies, support the filmmakers!The Kerkelator getting into party mode.Judge Eddie Wall and WhatWeWant's Tyler Chorlton.Judge Peter Line whispering sweet nothings into AFM's ear.Mr. Mustache Tyler Chortlon and dance machine Elias Elhardt.Antoine Baduel giving this mademoiselle a little kiss good night.Gigi was having a ball.Serge was attacked by a giant head.Xavier de Le Rue media frenzy!French faction with David Livet, Valerian Ducourtil and friends.These dudes were extra special.Snowboarder Mag's Pat Bridges hanging with Nils Arvidsson and Remi PetitVictor Daviet getting twisted with Anouck "yes, I'm actually wearing a shirt" Grau.JP Solberg has a mean duckface.DJ Mike Rock & company making it rain blood!Frank April has hidden talents."Do you condition your hair with beer or spit?" Heavy metal hair talk with Thrashmore and Serge.People were starting to get pretty loose around 4 am.Jake OE dumps 'em out!"Le Snowboardelle." Note Jake OE on the left there, he just had a great idea!To climb onto the party tent......and ass bomb onto a wasn't having it......86'ed!Mornings were pretty brutal but a few peeps were ready for a scoop of French culture and toured around town.Iseneven battleship wtih gunman Gulli Gudmundsson.DBK, Alex Tank and Benny Urban, slippery when wet.Bataleon (f)art director Danny Kiebert got picked up as the boys cruised their pedalos through the canals as toursists asked themselves "what is this barge of raging homesexuals doing scaring off the swans!"We crossed a boatful of Swedes and Finns from KBR and the Random Bastards.Gulli making fashion waves in France and that ain't an easy thing to do.Thanks for the good times Annecy and big ups to Gaylord, L'Arrogs and the rest of the Like-That crew, you guys did a great job! Good season to all the crews and let those cameras roll for next year's edition of The Reels!