Discussing Memes with: tw_snow

It seems that all the kids want these days are memes. That’s sad news for people who spend their life making magazines. Are we wasting our time doing long format interviews and stories with art direction when we could just be making funny photos for Instagram instead? Perhaps, but we’re not sure, so instead of crying about it, we reached out to @tw_snow to get some insights into this digital form of social commentary. Did you see Chad Muska’s Nine Club where he pronounced it ‘me-me’? That’s what I call them now, and it makes me laugh every time. Ok, that’s enough from me me, now scroll down and read the interview.

Interview: Theo Acworth

Why do you make memes?
Because I’m lonely.

What was the first meme you ever made?
I don’t know, probably a bad luck Brian meme back when that was a thing.

Do you have a favorite meme? 
Stewie Griffin in a froth t-shirt was an underrated meme.

Have you ever got in trouble because of your memes?
I had a chick track down my dad’s contact info to tell on me over a fart joke, so there was that.

Has anyone ever made a meme about you?
I’ve seen a few here and there nothing worth writing home about.

How do you balance being a meme-maker with everyday life?
I don’t.



Where do you find your inspiration for your memes?
Most of my memes are based on 18th-century oil paintings.

If you were a meme, which meme would you be?
Bad luck Brian.



What’s the secret to a successful meme?
I wish I knew, it seems like every time I come up with a great meme, I’m laughing while making it and then post it and nobody thinks it’s funny. Then sometimes I make a bad meme that’s not funny but post it because I haven’t posted in a while and everyone likes it.


Are there lines you won’t cross with your memes?
No. Most of the darker ones I’ll either post late at night and delete an hour later or dm them to my fucked up friends.

Which meme accounts or creators do you look up to?
5050fsone, bobbieboardin, Jess Kimura, Memes4groomers. Not necessarily in that order.

What’s coming up in the future for you and your memes?
Got to wait and see.


Do you feel a responsibility to address serious social issues with your memes, or do you just like fucking with people?
Nah. And if I do post something about it, it’s probably just to piss people off.

When will Pat Fava get his energy drink sponsor, and will you take a commission on the contract when he does?
I don’t know, you guys are the ones with movies on RedBull tv so maybe you should hook it up with your connections. Definitely making him buy me an egg sandwich maker when he gets on though.