Tidal Art Show Laax 2019 Photo Recap

Once a year we’re lucky enough to experience a gathering of snowboarding’s finest creative talents at the Tidal art show in Laax. This year hosted the likes of Jamie Lynn, Schoph, Danny Larsen, Will Smith, Dayze, Pentagram Pizza and many more. 

Not only were the artists’ work on display but we were given the opportunity to watch them create some of these masterpieces live in the basement of the Riders Hotel. The place was packed out and certainly made an impact. It’s not everyday you get to watch a bunch of snowboarders collectively graffiti an entire bar, and the people sat drinking at it. The art featured however was not limited to simply paintings. Jake Price or JPminibike as he’s often referred to gave us an intimate preview of his latest 16mm film, “On a roll”. A short film shot in chronological order one day at Mt. Hood. Be sure to watch it when it drops. 

A big thank you to all the artists involved in the show and everyone who worked hard to put on such a great night. Here are a selection of photos from the evening for you to enjoy.

Words by Tom Shapiro 

Photos by Theo Acworth 

Aaron and Jono
Dayze custom hand cut board 
Dayze leaving his mark on the artists bar
All smiles with Will Smith
Will Smith decortes the Guinness fridge 
Will Smith "Rough as Houses"
Will Smith can't tough his toes 
Scoph with his new stained glass pieces 


Happy Birthday Schoph 


Danny Larsen 
Danny Larsen fog piece 
Danny Larsen 


On the 1s and 2s
Jamie Lynn live art installation 
Jamie paints a cat on his guitar 
More Blue Girls
Jamie Lynn
Pentagram Pizza
Pentagram Pizza Satan Worshipers 
Pentagram Pizza one way ticket to hell
Iuna Tinta
Lain x Shallow Tree x Danny Larsen x Aka Schwartz


Peter John de Villiers
Arthur Longo was happy with the show
Aaron Schwartz the mastermind behind putting on the whole show.

Be sure to check out more from these artists and be there next year, it's well worth the trip to Laax.