Volcom Kitzsteinhorn Banked Slalom 2018 - Results & Photos

Photos by Vernon Deck and Martin Herrmann.

The 5th annual Volcom Kitzsteinhorn Banked Slalom went off once again, with a perfectly shaped course and perfectly orchestrated parties too! The weather was on point and the snow was good and the beers flowed. The Volcom family were out there in their masses so it was rad to see the team send it with everyone else. They even showed off their talents on the stage at the gig!

Turn & Burn for the finish line

It was a mighty fine gathering of splendid people of all ages worshipping possibly the most open and tolerant religion of all, namely snowboarding. If you missed it, you missed out. But i'm sure you'll make sure you get up their for the 6th edition next year?

Congrats to the fastest man Pascal Imhof and the fastest woman, Chloé Sillieres

Come nighttime, as always , there was no escaping the legendary party in the fairy-tale Kaprun castle. This year, our very own Olivier Gittler and his band Leopard Ale kickstarted the party, with surprise guest Mike Ravelson joining on stage for the final two songs, before King Khan and the Shrines delivered an absolutely MINDBLOWING set that lasted nearly two hours. This is a must-see band, if you ever get the chance.

VolcomBanked_day2_VernonDeck_Apr_2018-2311.jpg 1
The Volcom Family in full force
VolcomBanked_day2_VernonDeck_Apr_2018-721.jpg 1
Stoned and still sending it...
The youngest Nico Bondi setting off after Chriso gives him some rehydration...
VolcomBanked_day2_VernonDeck_Apr_2018-2411.jpg 1
Jamie Lynn signing/drawing on boards...
1st James Mermillod 2nd Robin Ligeon 3rd Renars Birmanis
Pro Women Podium - 2 - Karleen Jeffery Barlia, 1 - Chloé Sillieres, 3 - Julia Pereira 
Trophies this year are Eagletone guitars customized by the one and only Jamie Lynn 
Arthur Longo going off course in a big way!
The stoke was high with this lot!
Leopard Ale got the crowd amped
Leopard Ale opened the Castle Rock Out party with Volcom riders Olivier G and Mike Rave jamming together

Shout out to Volcom as well as Eagletone guitars, Nitro Snowboards, Burg Kaprun, Leopard Ale, the almighty King Khan and the Shrines and everyone who came out to ride or celebrate snowboarding with us. See you next Spring!