weare2012 Capitals Moscow Premiere Gallery

We decided to fly the Method jet out to Moscow this past weekend to witness the world premiere of weare2012's 'Capitals' movie and finally see this "mos-cow" that everyone keeps talking about, maybe even get to pet her. The place was a packed house full of hungry boarders and thirsty party people. The vodka flowed, the doobies glowed and even some boobies showed... Anyway, props to Alex V. & the crew for putting this all together. The movie is proper legit and is proof that Russians can do more than make vodka, those little matryoshka dolls and funny accents.
Before the party we took a stroll around the Red Square and waved at Lenin's burial pyramid. They sure make up for the gray weather with giant, brightly-lit buildings in Moscow.
"Dude, I'm not kidding, Jesus could ollie like this fuckin' high off the flat!"One of the most novel things about Russia is seeing all your familiar chain restaurant names written in Cyrillic. This is Sbarro, for all you NYC heads!.The entrance tickets were counterfeit Euros. Denis "Bonus" Leontyev & the octopus Alexander Voytsehovskiy flashin' stacks.Partners & accomplices to the movie and illegal counterfeiting of fake money.The sidewalk couldn't hold the massive crowd that showed up to get in.People were so excited, everyone was peeing everywhere! (Or maybe they just pre-gamed too hard, who knows...)Everyone was hyped and rockin' the new Bonus Gloves jackets. They are pee-proof!Our homegirl Dasha on the other side of the lens.That ticket being put to good use.I almost got stabbed by Elle with a butterfly knife. Don't fuck with Russian chicks, they will cut you!These guys were ready to party! (Okay, they weren't actually there, it's a picture of a picture but I wish!)Promotional scarf.The mini Capitals mag is rad and printed on sexy matte paper like Method Mag.The official launch of Bonus Gloves. Shit's official, get some!Alex getting ready to blast the public with the "Capitals" movie.Empty room......Fucking packed room!Then the apparently standard Russian games of doing ridiculous shit to win stuff started. Here is the drink-beer-out-of-a-boot game......butts & boob flashing could win you gear......she showed the most skin and went all in......this was the boob grab. Best boob won a boot or something...Bravo, boys!Someone had the bright idea to bring a cake that no one actually ate. It went everywhere, literally... ...it was all over the walls......all over this guy!Now the people were ready to par-tay!Alex & Vanya in the the DJ cage. Let these animals out!Denis, Goryn & Vanya about to sinkski another shotski.Hooligans in the Hall. Nikita Martyanov, Nikita Vasiliev & Yura RudchikVanya & Justin Blanner!Denis & Alex Novikov about to toss some vodka down their gullets.It ain't really a party if it ain't a pizza party!Vanya and local legend, Yura Gavrilov, being very important people in the VIP room.Almost drowning in vodka at this point! 5 am, Torched!Thanks for the great night and all the stoney Terror smiles, dudes!So you're asking, whatever happened to the "mos-cow"? I think this guy I saw at 6 am on the subway covered from head to toe in leather might know...

Get ready St. Pete, your premiere is this Friday the 22nd of November, weare2012 is coming to spread the terrror!


Photos by ADT