If you didn't know already, the Wängl Tängl is the ultimate "contestival" that detonates in Mayrhofen late March every season. It was the 10th year the Ästhetiker throws this hammer bammer with parties, an art show, concerts, sick skateboarding and, our favorite, the incredible choreographed team snowboard dance battle! This year the world's best came out to the Penken Park dance floor, costumes and all. They came came to perform. They came came to impress. They came to... Wängo Tängo!
DBK, Tyler Chorlton & Tobi Strauss, Team Since 1966! Photo: ADTEric Willett, Charlotte Van Gils, Cheryl Maas, Arthur Longo and Wolle Nyvelt, the line up was STACKED. Photo: ADTUFO tail (body) snatcher. Photo: ADTConsidering he couldn't turn his head to the left at all when he woke up, Tyler was ripping, cab 3 melon. Photo: ADTMr. Anti-Emo himself, Kalle Ohlson! Photo: ADTUFO #2 double cork thing-y. Photo: ADTOh man, another UFO... Someone help us out in the comments!Danny Larsen original art. Photo: ADTLooking Sideways! Photo by ADTButtless bombing the shot Photo by ADTSchoph diptych!Matt Barr and Dr. Ian Thrashmore are two very smart fellas (and occasional fart smellas). Photo: ADTVans in the house! Larry Nuñez, Janine Hearn and Rian Rhoe appreciating some art. Photo: ADTSani may be a TM now but he still rips harder than most pro bros. Photo: ADTSame goes for Beckna, homie was tweaking out the sickest Method transfers, it was a joy to watch! Photo: ADTThis is getting embarrassing... another UFO, mega blast over the second jump. Photo: ADTFriedl Kolar with the cray-cray one foot action off the up box. Photo: ADTUber-locs, peep the sweet as Ästhetiker bases! Photo: ADTThe Collective: Max Buri, Tor Lundstrom and Boris Buehler. Photo: ADTThe Djudes were local favorites but sadly didn't make into the finals... Peter Koenig.Photo: ADTHenry Jackson and Noel Reynolds were holding it down on the mic all week, thanx for the MC'ing fellas! Photo: ADTJudges Friedl Kolar, Andi Lehman, Bernd Egger and Lars Oesterle paying close attention while Drew does some contest organizing and catches some rays. Photo: ADTBuncha wieners! Photo: ADTPeetu was stoked on the win. Check out the goat's triple cock! Photo: ADTM.O.P., bitches! Photo: ADTADT, Henry and Rupo getting wild in the streets. Photo: TAGLiving the Zillertal Dream with James Hull. Photo: TAGIt snowed a bunch on Monday and some people scored pow all week, here's Stuntman Larry straight murking this pillow line. Photo: TAGThe future is NOW! Lord Tom Copsey flossing that tele-equiped iPhone. Photo: TAGTommy Klaehn is a BOSS. Photo: TAGStick 'em up! Cheryl in full-on "bandido" mode. Photo: TAGEric was stoked on the set up and also the pow he scored between contest runs. Photo: TAGIt was Jules Reymond's first contest in something like 8 years, real good to see you homie. Check out Arthur Longo getting gnarly in the Gnarlberg in the new episode of Method TV, out now! Photo: TAGHenry reps Team Veggie, HARD. Photo: TAGSpace Bunny's secret identity is actually Filippo Kratter. Photo: TAGThe sun makes Jan Prokes happy. Photo: TAGThe tanning salon was wicked crowded... Photo: TAGLike a biddy in the sunnnnn, let me go onnnnnn.... Photo: TAGYeeewwwwww! Photo: TAGBerni Köffler is the host with the most, thanks for everything homie! Photo: TAGSheik Larry al-Nuñez from Vansistan made an appearance. Photo: TAGHeather Hendricks from Grind TV/Snowboarder Mag always has a smile on her face. Photo: TAGEli won the award for Best T-Shirt! Photo: TAGTeam YMCA won Best Team Uniform by a long shot, Clemens Schattschneider and Mathias Weissenbacher making' the Zillertal proud! Photo: TAGOh, hai! Photo: TAGSteve Gruber RIPS! Photo: TAGHappy Drewster! Photo: TAGTom Kingsnorth. Entrepreneur, blogger... agent? Photo: TAGMax and Tor hyped on their beaver trophies. Photo: TAGGiant novelty checks are the new black, Boris rockin' that next level steeze. Photo: TAG
We shoulda gotten more shots from the concerts and skate events, but we were too busy getting wasted... Sorry about that!
Yea, a blurry iPhone shot is all you get, ollie transfer to back smith on the extension, gnarly! Photo: TAGNo one partied harder than this guy, thanks again Mayrhofen for the epic good times. Photo: TAGSee all you goats at next year's Wangl Tangl!