WSC MEGA Vikin' Post

So the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships are a wrap, and a rather successful and tasty wrap at that. World Champions in quarterpipe, halfpipe and slopestyle were crowned in Oslo in a blatant endeavor to wrest back control of snowboarding from the nefarious hands of the FIS and IOC. Kudos and a tip of the hat to Henning Andersen, a tireless champion for our sport, and his entire staff for pulling off a nearly flawless event that truly represents modern competitive snowboarding. Chapeau, buddy, you guys made us proud!

Personally, I was fresh off the plane from 2 weeks in Japan about an hour before the start of the quarterpipe final. It was a surprise I even managed to see it at all, but see it I did, even though it was all over in a flash. Despite a number of set backs during the construction of the massive monolith, the set up looked amazing in Holmenkollen, and the dudes were boosting. None more than the Sprocking Cat himself though, as always Haakon pulls out all the stops and goes bigger than any one else. Highest air at 7.8 meters, although he did pay the price with a gnarly slam when he decked out on a previous attempt. Kimmy Rune Hansen stomped a beautiful double chuck for Best Trick, easily the most technical trick of the whole night. Ollie Gitler is a grown-ass man now, and he put down a man-sized, super stylish McT for the win. How do you spell World Champion again? Big ups, Ollie, you crushed it homie!It is what it is, isn't it? Namely, a MASSIVE, perfectly shaped QP in a ski jump arena in Oslo, Norway.Holmenkollen is usually used for space shuttle launches, as you can tell by the structure of the arenaIs this crowd as big as my bar tab in Oslo?It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n' rollLarge and in charge!Burn TM (and former Editor of METHOD) Jason Horton is just plain jealous of Thrilly's anglesJason was especially jealous when he realized he should have worn actual snowboard bootsTerje pausing for a little thinky before boosting the highest air of the nightWhat's it take to be world champ? Oh, just a legit McTwist at a mellow 7 meters out... Ollie Gitler, NBDGood gracious, it's Gittler!There's always some smartass who wants to slide down the tranny in a plastic bag at the end of the comp, and everyone laughs and it's all so funny...
Next day, while I suffered from a particularly intense form of jet-lag, the boys and girls sliced and diced the perfectly shaped (if a bit short) U-tube as a steady drizzle of freezing rain soaked through the massive throng of people in attendance. Despite conditions, the pipe was fast and the haze made for an amazing visual. Everyone killed it but I was especially impressed by the girls, the level was riding was truly next level. Watching little Queralt blast out double overhead is quite a sight, I'll tell ya. Iouri and Kelly are worthy World Champs! Now just watch the clips, already.
Pipe at the readyCrowd at the readyHot Norwegian girl at the readyLittle girl with picnic and balloon at the readyHiking the pipe to find a good angle at the readyFrequency's Daniel O'Neil is always at the readyVolcom photodawg Vernon Deck was definitely at the readyThis dude was pointing the wayWhich was the "no pressure then" crowd at the bottomSpanish snowboarding is in good hands, Queralt RIPS!Andy Finch was the announcer we could understandAnother gratuitous crowd shotHug Life!Kelly taking home that cheddarThe girls flossin' that bling, the medals and trophies weighed a TON!Queralt is a cutieThe SEAL Team 6 of media crewsThere was a nearby refugee campNight fell and it was time for the menHa!Didn't look anything like this, to be honestThis lil' G was all up in the cut checking out the crazy snowboardersArty shot of Iouri getting extra radical, way to crush it buddy!I-Pod victory slashMatt Ladley is having more fun than you!Henning doing some organizingBlack and white photo, innitSome flying saucer alien activity shitUFO spotting!Art! Ladley whirling and twirling into secondLadley on his way to Podium LandI-Pod gusher!It's Saturday Night with Jonathan Weaver... and tonight's guest, Louie Vito!Look how happy Iouri looks!Hadet for nå, vakker superpipe!Slopestyle day dawned bright and warmer after a cold, wet night, which essentially turned the slopestyle course at Vinterpark into a giant ice rink. Unfortunately the final groom had happened the night before, so the competitors were forced to bit the bullet and ride the… uhm, bulletproof snow. But again, by the end of the day some of the most technical and stylish snowboarding ever witnessed in a contest environment had gone down with nary a glitch. Chas edged out Toots at the absolute last minute with a blistering run and Spencer put together the craziest slopestyle run I've ever seen in a women's contest. I won't bore you with anymore of my blabbering, check out the pix and clips! There was a big screen with all the action right smack in downtown Oslo for the lazy ones that didn't make it out to VinterparkSeppe getting a little groin massage on the T barThese kids had the right ideaPolish Chuck G love in NorwayØstereng rolling up on the start gateTyler Flanagan locked and loadedLadies and gentlemen, the reigning slopestyle World Champion, Chas Guldemond Photo: Eleonora RaggiToots was in the lead till the very last run of the day, kid was RIPPING that day. Photo: Eleonora RaggiKid in the middle came to the wrong gameThings got a little emo there for a secondTree huggersSeppe makes it look so easy, look at those arms, this kid is the real deal. Photo: Eleonora RaggiSpencer put down the best run I've ever seen at a women's slope contest. Photo: Eleonora RaggiThe last Norwegian standing got the full media treatment from the local press, Alek got 5th but we felt he deserved a higher scoreBelgian fans showing Seppe some loveChuck is a RockstarThe best part about this photo is the look on all their facesSeppe chugged a whole bunch of champagneDarrell Mathes was in town filming for his new part in VG's The Dark Side and came thru to check out the festivitiesFinal press ocnference, gotta multi-task at these things"The TTR WSC WAS great!" WAS President Chas Guldemond, TTR's Maria McNulty & WSC's Henning Andersen
Here's a highlight clip, if you are too lazy to watch all the other edits!

And that was all she wrote, big ups again to Henning Andersen and whole WSC crew for an amazing job, see you at the next World Champs in 2016!

All photos by Thrilly Tom Lenartowicz, unless duly noted. Check out Thrilly's twitter feed and his site!