Trop Cool To Go On...

 Photographer Franz Ortlepp:
 Location:  Germany
 Rider:  Klaus Lotto

"This picture for me and a lot of others is a good flashback to one of the craziest indoor summer camps ever, known as Tropcamp. Unfortunately it seems like Tropcamp is 'officially' history for now. Anyone who spent some time at the last camp will probably never forget it. We saw a lot of good riding, drank too much beer, had wild camping parties and made good friends. Hopefully this story isn't over... For now I would like to say thanks to Klaus Lotto for this FS tuck-knee to lipslide and all the other riders for those crazy stunts I got to shoot."

- Franz Ortlepp

Make sure to check out the Miniramp vs. Bowl Skate Festival in Chemnitz, Germany from June 15th-16th where Franz Ortlepp will be display a new collection of photos. More info here -