One Flew Over the Iron Curtain

We headed to the wild East of Germany last winter where the booze is cheap and the spots are plentiful with a solid bunch of rippers from the Deeluxe Snowboardboots team.

Bob Sled Wall Ride

"This session was at our home spot, Fichtelberg, on an OG bobsled run. This spot was an international arena in the old GDR and lots of competitions were held there.

Rising Sun at Sunset

"I seem to always do the same tricks, but they are the tricks that I like.

Trop Cool To Go On...

"This picture for me and a lot of others is a good flashback to one of the craziest indoor summer camps ever, known as Tropcamp.

Keeping the Stalefish Fresh in the Fridge

"Ahh, this shot is from this year's Tropcamp. Deeluxe held a late-night session with all the cats, everybody was ripping around and Franzo (aka Franz Ortlepp) was shooting from left to right.