Santa brought a group of at-risk youth something very special as an early Christmas gift – the gift of snowboarding. Recently 686 team riders Forest Bailey, Riley Nickerson, Mike Gray and team manager Patrick McCarthy took to Bear Mountain, CA to pass on the craft during a day with the 686 Compton Snowboard Club. 

Follow Forest, Riley and Patrick as they expose kids to the snow for their first time in a recap edit that is sure to make your heart smile.We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy each time we get to meet with the club : https://vimeo.com/149897326

The Compton Snowboard Club is made up of a select group of boys and girls from the Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club, a community adjacent to 686’s headquarters. 686 employees and team riders provide continual mentorship to the youth, exposing them to snowboarding, skateboarding, art, photography and all things that led many of us into a successful career around action sports. 

A portion of all Compton Snow Club merchandise sales will go towards our ongoing efforts with the club. See the line here