GONER - Riley Nickerson, Jacob Krugmire & Jake Moore In Japan

A short film featuring Riley Nickerson, Jacob Krugmire & Jake Moore as they trip over to Japan to get stuck into the streets and  a few freshies where possible.

Video by Brett Wulc

[ “So that’s that?,” they asked.

The tall one was already in motion. This place, the same-old same-old notion, couldn’t make him stay, and that question sure-as-shit wasn’t going to make him change his mind. And in that mind of his, he was already gone. That’s a shame for those who were sad to see him go but they knew him well enough and expected nothing different. He thought it was a mystery but they saw it as simple arithmetic. 

“That’s that.” He saddled up. The horse huffed in a tight circle. 

“You be good out there,” one spoke.

He faced the Wild World ahead of him. 

“Ain’t concerned about ~being~ good...” he replied, wanting to add more to his last words. Nothing came to mind. He’d leave them to ponder where the hell he was going with that.

He peered back at them over his shoulder. He tipped his hat and took off.

They watched him turn into a ripple in an orchestra of daybreak color.

“He’s a goner,” one said like dust collecting on a white windowsill. 

The nice part about being a goner is that you don’t know it until it’s too late. You just go and go and, next thing you know, you’re gone.]
- Keenan Cawley