A Decade of Snowboarding in China Now Available as App

Burton presents A Decade Of Snowboarding In China, a coffee table book that is now available as an iPad/iPhone app (click HERE) that sheds light on the beginnings, highlights and special moments in Chinese snowboarding history.

Wang Lei (Burton), Remi Forsans (World Snowboard Day and EuroSIMA) and Miriam Deller (Core Power Asia) at ispo winter, Munich 2011, Photo: Core Power Asia

A Decade Of Snowboarding In China is a walk back history lane and visualizes the past ten years of snowboarding in China in pictures. A Decade Of Snowboarding In China is the first book of its kind that gives you a comprehensive insight on the the beginnings, highlights and special moments in Chinese snowboarding history from 2000 -2010.

Thanks to the support of Burton Snowboards, ispo and Skullcandy, the team at Core Power Asia was able to screen archives of tens of thousands of pictures and chose the best pictures from hundreds of submissions that poured in from across the globe. During the whole process of putting the book together, they discovered many treasures, like the vast archive of photos from North Eastern China, or pictures from the Changbai Mountain Challenges from a few years back where everyone said it’s like in the US around 15 years ago.

The bilingual publication contains close to 400 pictures divided in ten chapters which allow a vivid glimpse to snowboarding in the Middle Kingdom and serves as passionate document dedicated to all boardsports enthusiasts. Get your hands on one of the valuable hardcover books that is left of a stock of only thousand limited edition prints at ispo china or at selected resorts and retailers across China. For all the geeks with handheld devices - get the App for iPad and iPhone today!


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Next, annual follow up publications called “SEASON REVIEW” are up for release prior to season start. Stay tuned for awesome compilations on China snowboarding with us!