Burton Snowboards Launches Interactive Product Tool For Facebook

For the first time ever, Burton Snowboards is putting select products front and center on its Facebook page, giving the community an easy way to comment on the company’s new line and interact with the brand. The new ‘social catalog’ takes signature pieces from Burton’s 2012 Fall/Winter line and puts them in the hands of the Facebook community to like, love or diss, ultimately creating a user-generated leaderboard for all viewers to see and share.

Products featured in this new section of Burton’s Facebook page include over 100 favorites from the 2012 Fall/Winter collection that hit stores for the first time earlier this month. The assortment is clearly just a ‘taste’ of the overall line, and is all about providing the community with a fun forum where they take the reigns on the feedback, dialog and ranking of key Burton products. In fact the tool states point-blank that “All opinions, mini-reviews, and smart alecky comments are welcome”.
To get in the game, consumers simply head to facebook.com/burtonsnowboards and click on the 2012 Fall/Winter tab. They then pick a gender, choose from the five 2012 Burton Fall/Winter categories including hardgoods, outerwear, apparel, bags, luggage and layering, and start rating, ranking and sharing with their own Facebook networks.
Once the Facebook community decides what 2012 Burton feature products they ‘like’ best, these liked products end up in the leader board in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position per category, so everyone can see and share what their fellow riders and fans are getting behind.
The Burton 2012 Fall/Winter Facebook tool is now live. See what products are already trending at facebook.com/burtonsnowboards