LAAX: Natural Snowpark 'Free60'

LAAX Opens Natural Snowpark 'Free60'

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Photo. Philipp Ruggli

Inspired by Travis Rice and the Natural Selection Tour, LAAX has created the Free60 natural snowpark on the route from Crap Sogn Gion to Plaun.

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Akin to the NST, the features are located in unprepared terrain and will be covered and filled in with each fresh snowfall, turning an already fun run into a total freestyle-powder playground.

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There are two different runs now open for business and ready to be ridden, full of kickers, pillows, pole-jams and more for you to send off. All of the features were created with wood from the region and by members of the legendary Snowpark LAAX shape crew and also the piste and rescue team. The park itself is located on an avalanche-safe slope and there's a range of different sizes to hit, so the only question is how big you want to go!

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Key facts at a glance:

- The snowpark consists of 2 different runs with a total of 18 elements.
- 25m3 of logs and 10m3 of wooden boards from the region were used.
- It took 80 working hours during two weeks in October 2021 to build the park.
- 7 people from the piste and rescue team as well as the snowpark crew were involved in the project.

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