Laax - New Pro Kicker Line at Curnius

The snowboard destination Laax has further extended the range of it's four snow parks for the winter season 2013/14. As part of the "revolution on the Mountain" a new pro kicker line in the snow park Curnius was created by the help of terrain corrections. The new line will be opened on 06 December 2013 - and thus represents an important training opportunity for the 22. Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

Laax is unlike any other destination in the Alps when it comes to freestyle: The four snow parks are the flagship of the region. With the opening of the new pro kicker line in the snow park Curnius both young athletes as well as professional teams find a training opportunity, as it is found nowhere else in Europe. With the expansion of the park setups, Laax once more increases its attractiveness as a venue for national and international competitions, such as the Burton European Open.

The new Pro-kicker line has a total length of 600 meters, including four kickers with a length of about 20 to 30 meters and landing areas from 30 to 60 meters. Dimensions of this kind are otherwise only found in competitions such as the X-Games. In order to set up the pro kicker line in December already, Laax has realized a unique project: The kickers were pre-built with the help of terrain corrections, which reduces the necessary amount of artificial snow significantly. 

 The expansion of the Snow Park will continue in the coming year: 2014 Laax shall prolong its Superpipe up to 200 meters - making it into one of the largest halfpipes in the world.