Lucas Magoon still on Technine

Looks like we all got this wrong:

"Contrary to what may have been seen on various websites, Lucas Magoon rides for Technine Snowboards. Lucas would like to apologize for any misunderstanding as he has been a loyal Techninerider for nearly ten years and is stoked to be a part of the Techfamily for years to come. Make sure you check out his Pro-Model lineup of Boards, Bindings,and Signature Outerwear a ta snowboard shop near you." - Binky Di Pasquale

“Pardon the Confusion,I've Been with the ']['ECH one year off a decade and have more ']['ECH
tattoos than years I've been with shredding for the']['ECH, You already know Technine is with me for
Life” - Lucas Linwood Magoon

Lucas is currently filming for upcoming projects and is back in full effect.Look out for him in the
snowy streets near you soon, and check out for all the latest