R.I.P. Lars Eriksen (1970-2012)

It is with a very heavy heart indeed that we report the passing of one of the raddest people in snowboarding: Lars Eriksen. His name might not sound instantly recognizable to you, but Lars was responsible for shaping and creating some of the most iconic features in the history of snowboarding, including The Arctic Challenge, BEO, all those crazy Hemsedal sessions with Absinthe and Burton back in the day and also the Nike D-Pad Session in Folgefonna a few years back, when I met him.This is how I will always remember Lars: shovel in hand and a smile on his face! Photo: Geir MollerplassGrabbing mute in a drug rug back in the 90's. Photo: Marius JohansenLars loved snowboarding with all his heart and his passion and dedication to snowboarding were nearly unparalleled. The sad truth is that snowboarding is that much worse off without him. Every snowboarder on the planet owes a lot to Lars, so make sure you make some turns in his honor next time you go shred. Lars' life was taken last Wednesday, Christmas Eve, in Hemsedal in an avalanche. Lars was a good man who loved the mountains, and it is only fitting that his life should end there. We send our deepest condolonces to his loved ones.

Resquiat In Pace, friend!