Rome SDS – Fugnar Interviews – Johnny Lazz

So how did you end on this trip?

Well, Rome called me and invited me along, and I was more than pumped to travel across Canada in a van full of dudes that are trying to get wild and start some havoc! Effing eh!

What was it like being on such a long trip with some many dudes?

It’s like a one person kitchen when the whole family is trying to cook up something hot! On every trip people are getting sick or hurt, and the best thing you can do is just try to stay as healthy as possible and be positive about what’s next. Sleeping on floors, coffee n’ cigs, late night reviews, wrestling a giant Norwegian monster (Marius Otterstad) in a van going 60 on the freeway!

Who did you piss off the most?

I really hope I didn’t piss anyone off to much.
So, what’s the story with you and these twins?

Ayo… I just swooped on some twins that were at some house party. We all went to this house, and in the back yard they had an up/down, down and a run rhythm section, and after some riding we left the house to go to some bar. Max legend MacGyvered me into pulling some bell that was hanging from the roof, and I guess when you pull that rope, everyone gets a free drink on you! So I was very surprised that all my money went to buying randos drinks… sweet Anyways back to the twins, I just schemed on them with my stoner charm… don’t worry about it, you gotta love hot Canadian twins!!

What was your favorite part of the trip?

Seeing five different mountains that I’ve never been to before, riding different terrain, exploring Canada, laughing about nothing, and how different riders would join the crew as the trip moved along. Also something I really like about Canada is that it doesn’t seem to have as many advertisements as America, and its way more laid back there!

Worst part of the trip?

Blowing my knee up at Revelstoke! I was doing a front three off this lil stupid drop off the side of the run at Revelstoke that I already hit once and I just landed horribly wrong and, boom, blown knee. But its all gravy now cuz I’m getting situated for the year, getting strong and preparing for another wild season!!
Tell me about jumping off the chairlift at Seymour.

We were at Mt. Seymour riding the lift and I noticed a lil tranny that’s possible to bomb drop into next to this little tree. I saw it before we had lunch and thought it would be tight to do, try to get one more shot before the day is over! So on the chair with the man the myth the legend Will Lavine trying to find where the heck this drop off is at and finally we find it and I took a chance and jumped off the chair. I tried to push off the chair more the left near the tranny, but soon as I was in the air, I knew I was going to land on the tree. Didn’t hurt, it was more entertaining than anything!

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