Rome SDS – One Of A Kind Jacket Giveaway

So how would you like to win a 1 of a kind Rome jacket?  That’s right, only one in existence, completely eliminating the chance of ever matching someone else in the lift line again. It’s a one of kind version of the Watts 3-in-1 jacket, in a large, even comes with an inner jacket. All you have to do is write “Rome SDS” somewhere, post the photo on Facebook on the wall of our fans page (

We’ll hook the first 20 photos up with a limited edition Diecut and the most unique writing placement will receive the most unique jacket…in the world. Get Creative, it’s really up to you.  Write it on your face with permanent marker, on your friends face with permanent marker, on your wall with paint, or goats blood if you have some handy…the only stipulation is, don’t get in trouble, don’t do anything illegal, and don’t blame us if you get in trouble for doing something illegal.  You have all weekend, we’ll decide the winner later in the day on Monday. For more news and Rome SDS happenings keep an eye on, and