Tyroleans dominate Check The Ripper


date 23.02.2009

Tyroleans dominate CHECK THE RIPPER • Relaxed atmosphere at the SNICKERS NORDPARK SESSIONS presented by Atomic

Kroell and Brucic triumph

After two second places, Rudi Kroell (AUT) from Zillertal valley finally managed to take victory at the legendary CHECK THE RIPPER contest at the SNICKERS NORDPARK SESSIONS 2009 presented by Atomic. At Innsbruck’s Nordpark, Lukas "Luggi“ Brucic (AUT), also from Tyrol, took first at the freeskiers’ contest. Sandy Gecek (AUT) won the female snowboarders’ comp while Lena Stoffel (GER) took victory at the female freeskiers’.

Results Check The Ripper 2009

1. Rudi Kröll (AUT)
2. Tobi Örley  (AUT)
3. David Reinthaler (AUT)

1. Sandy Gecek (AUT)
2. Kathrin Gappmayr (AUT)
3. Bettina Köffler (AUT)

Freeski MEN:
1. Lukas Brucic (AUT)
2. Sebastian Hannemann (GER)
3. Harry Richter (AUT)

Freeski WOMEN:
1. Lena Stoffel (GER)
2. Julia Spiesberger (AUT)
3. Lulu Alexjova (CZE)