Union Bindings 2017 Range Online


UNION continue to be the leaders in snowboard binding design, innovation and performance. This is down to having all their focus and efforts on one thing….manufacturing the best bindings possible. 

union focus-binding-panel.jpg

Making sure all their resources from engineering, to R&D, to production, assembly, packaging and shipping are all located on one block… conveniently located 40 minutes from the nearest gondola, bonus!

union gigi.jpg
Gigi in at the Union testing centre

Plus with the most stacked snowboard team in the industry, they get their fair share of rider driven feedback and input to keep improving every possible part of the designs to ease of use and performance.

union scott.jpg
Scott Stevens Contact 

So there you have it, UNION have another epic range of bindings from the Forged Carbon of the FC and Ultra, the legend creation from T.Rice and Contact Pro to the staple Contact including Scott Stevens Pro colourway.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 18.10.28.png
The Pro team
Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 18.05.32.png

Check out the new website: www.unionbindingcompany.com