World Snowboard Day

Snow begins to fall on the mountains of the world. Riders are finishing waxing their boards for the winter season, and the World Snowboard Day organizers bustle about promoting the Sunday, December 20th 2009! Already more than 101 events in 28 countries are involved so don’t hesitate anymore and come and discover the full program on!

So, if you are a snowboard addict get your snow equipment prepared. If you are a beginner, choose your destination to discover the joys of snowboarding. And in both cases, go on the website to check the full program of events, and join the World Snowboard Day community on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter...

The fever of the World Snowboard Day always spreads farther. Indeed, EuroSIMA and the WSF welcome this year 9 new participating countries: China, Macedonia, Georgia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

This year EuroSIMA will reward the best video on the theme “Girl PowDer”, so you can already get your camcorder ready, and let your imagination fly. Send us a video, realized on the occasion of the WSD 2009, related with girls, snow and of course snowboarding. Your turn to play!

Teaser available on the following link