WSD Grasgehren Recap

We hope you had a nice World Snowboarding Day 2013! Meanwhile in Snowpark Grasgehren the WSD is ranking as an official religious holiday. On the 22nd of December the German snowboard diaspora gathered around high priest and head shaper Tajo Seefried in order to celebrate the birth of the first snowboard, that was born in a stable somewhere in the backcountry of the holy land.Zealot - Pic by Michi Dörfler
So they drank from the holy brew and ate from the sacred burger and used their snowboards to bring light to their park. Baptisms were held that day and babies were born, and the people knew, that what they did was right, and the snowboard gods were pretty amused, as they themselves were doing cab 360s and late backside 180s on the eternal slopes of heaven. 
Heresy? NO! Pic by Michi Dörfler
This video features a new exegesis of the holy book. Besides that it is kind of a remake of the jesus movie, yet completely different.. :