Adidas Superstar Snow

Despite I was not raised in a communist country, me and all my entire two friends wore the exact same sneakers when we grew up: the adidas Superstar. This decision was not imposed on us by planned economy, but was granted by our insight into the superiority of this sneaker and of the capitalist society itself. Oh, those early 90s still taste of Crack Cocaine, Break Dancing and Coca Cola every time I think back, even though I was denied all three by my parents back then.

As the result of 45 years of development, Adidas finally brought the Superstar on snow this season. It's like the ghost of Ronald Reagan descended from heaven and sucked your feet off while wearing a pair of goggles. Could you think of a better snowboardboot to break dance in? We could not. This boot has got a lot of junk in the trunk and it sure as hell is one comfy freakin slipper. We don't know about you guys, but we're gonna go out and get a pair of these now.

If that didn't convince you, you might want to have a look at the adidas rippers and the holy Gonz shredding it up in the Superstar.


The articulating cuff shell features separate upper and lower zones that flex easily together instead of bowing out, delivering a softer but more supportive flex and a better, more constant fit.

The 3D molded rubber toecap is integrated with the outsole for a snow take on one of the most legendary shoes of all time.
Channeling vintage court shoes, the Superstar’s removable powerstrap adds bonus style and ankle support.


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