Airblaster x Gnu: The Unreal Collaboration


Two snowboarding stalwarts of fun and wildness have teamed up to create what might just be the collaboration of the century. Airblaster and Gnu have joined forces to create an inspired line of product that will have you looking fresher than the first snowfall of the winter and more stylish than a 90s rapper heading out to da club. First up, and arguably most importantly, in the collaboration is the Super Progressive Air Machine (S.P.A.M). Less of a wartime delicacy, more of a free time hors-d'oeuvres. This directional carve monster will whet your appetite for everything on the mountain and have you coming back for one more bite as the tray makes it rounds of the room. 




Like the Liger, Labradoodle, and Zonkey, the Super Progressive Air Machine is a hybrid beast born of the cross-pollination of two wild things, Airblaster x Gnu. Imagine a Pterodactyl mating with a Wildebeest. Imagine it. There, now you can understand the feeling that you’ll get every time you step onto the Super Progressive Air Machine. Like every good Gnu, it comes equipped with unreal pop, a powerful build, and the natural ability to frolic playfully or thoroughly smash unruly terrain. And like every good pterodactyl, its unique shape lends its effortless ability to float as well as airborne agility unmatched in its class. If you like effortlessly floating through powder, smashing unruly terrain, and blasting into the air, this hybrid beast is for you.




Weighing in at 157cm with a beefed out nose and a sweet little swallowtail, this pink and blue delight boast Gnu's C3 camber profile. It has an aggressive dominant camber out to the contacts combined with mild rocker between your feet. Subtle Banana rocker between the bindings gives you freestyle freedom with the maximum end to end stability for big, high-speed lines. For aggressive, skilled riders, this board will carve circles, float through the fluff and induce enlightenment. 


For the rest of the collaboration, we'll start at the base layer and build up from there. This first layer is one that is so soft and fits so good, there's a 200% chance that once you put this beast of ninja suit on, it's not coming off for the entire winter. Fully equipped for both Men and Women, this classic, original one-piece hooded long underwear has been developed to near perfection over the course of 10+ years of abuse by Ninja ambassadors. It's got a 7-panel ergonomic hood, 350-degree waist zip for easy, full bathroom access and a full-length front chest zip to let your sex appeal shine through when you're feeling naughty. The women's version also features a ponytail portal for extra comfort. Last, but by no means least on the base layers, is the Ninja Face. A base layer for your face layer! A simple, packable Ninja balaclava with mega stretch and Air tech fabric. It pairs with a Hoodless Ninja Suit for packable full face coverage. 




Next up is the Airblaster Trenchover. From mild to wild, this drop-tail pullover style jacket keeps you drenched in style, yet dry as a bone... and boned as a double pump stalefish. 15k/10k waterproofing and breathability, fully taped seams, easy entry full-length side zip and a hidden stash pocket at the centre front chest will keep you on the hill for days at a time. For the ladies, the tried-and-true fit of the Airblaster Nicolette got a fresh injection of Lady Storm vibes, to unleash the fiercest Nicolette to date. Finally, for those that like the separation of church and state in their jacket and pant combo, you've got the team favourite Elastic Boss Pant. Sweatpant vibes with no zippers to catch your balls in, these pants will have you jogging back up the jib line faster than an Olympdick sprinter, with more durability in the knees, thanks to the reinforced fabric design.


The Trenchover and Nicolette Jackets.


For those that like a full-body experience, the insulated freedom suit is the one for you. Coming through in both a men's and women's fit, this fully enclosed one-piece suit is perfect for the deep days, or if you just run a little cold. Freedom has never felt so warm and toasty thanks to the 15k/10k waterproofing and breathability, fully-taped seams, layer of insulation, Asymmetrical front storm flap with branded snaps, 350-degree waist zip for easy bathroom access and the mesh lined inner leg vents and underarm vents. 


The Elastic Boss Pants, Men's and Women's Freedom Suits.


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