Arnette Squaresville Shades Giveaway

As the rivers of melting snow rush down the valley off to their vacation by the sea, you reminisce on another rad season. Kicking back, you rest your sore knees and start replaying the great stunts, wild parties, deep pow and that night you finally buttered the blond vanilla muffin you'd been eyeing all season. Now that the snow is all thawed and the chairlifts have halted, all you have to hold onto is the good memories. Are we making you emotional yet? By golly, it's getting me emotional! Someone pass me a teddy bear, a tissue and nice set of shades to hide my teary eyes...

Wait, what kind of ridiculously stylish shades are these, you ask? Well, these are my new Arnette numbers we received here at METHOD HQ. They come from a place called Squaresville... It's a square place where circles have ceased to exist. It's a place where everything is made up of right angles [90 degrees]. The inhabitants live in square houses with an excess of town squares. At parties in Squaresville people square dance in square-clad plaid shirts. The people are honest and are on the square. Prices are fair, you can get a square deal. People are served three square meals a day. In the night sky, the Square of Pegasus twinkles overhead while they lie in their square beds. Doesn't sound like such a bad place, right?A happy home in Squaresville
When things get out of hand and someone tries to force the square peg in a round hole the men don't call the police, they settle their problems by squaring off. But to truly find the root of the problem, you simply need to square the number. The trees grow square fruit and have square roots. Men wear those fancy shoes, with square tips that hide square toes. Kids play chess, checkers, scrabbles or hopscotch, basically anything with squares. These people are not squareheads, they just don't know any other shape!  The sea is full of square-tailed fish. The spots on cows are square. You say that's impossible, but then again this is Squaresville, where you can can even square a circle!
The town square in Squaresville
Okay, now that we have that squared away, let's get back to square one and talk about the actual glasses and how you can WIN some! The Squaresvilles have that classic Arnette flair, with solid construction using shatter-proof 6 Base Polycarbonate lenses and a durable Grilamid frame. You can keep things fresh and not wear the same glasses everyday since they feature the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S). That means you get two styles for one with the extra set of interchangeable arms (that are actually compatible with other Arnette models)!

We have 2 pairs of Squaresville glasses for you to WIN through the power of your Twitter or Instagram account. Take a photo of yourself having fun in the sun and simply tag it #livearnette + @methodmag, set the location where you are and you will be in the running for a square pair! Get your shots in by the end of May 2013.

All the photos tagged will show up at

Peep some of the colorways below & some shredding from Arnette pros Dustin Craven & Nick Visconti.