Libtech - SWISS KNIFE 2016

No matter if you wanted to carve your cat's name into a tree, open a bottle of crappy wine or imbue yourself with an aura of adventure – the Swiss Knife always stood up to the challenges of the modern times as a stalwart companion of ours. Every Swiss Knife also came with at least two mysterious features that no one knew what purpose they served, but that somehow made you feel like you were prepared for some serious Mc Gyver shit.

Lib Tech pay hommage to one of the greatest inventions of mankind, the Swiss Knife, and celebrate the addition of Fredi Kalbermatten to their team at one go. Fredi is one of the raddest riders to have ever shredded planet earth and he's a triple OG on the mountain. Fredi is not the type of guy who rides one and the same slope for the entire day – on the contrary he's the personification of the term „ALL MOUNTAIN“. Freddy rides steep faces, hits massive jumps, wins banked slaloms – in short: all the stuff that I can't do.

Of course Freddy needs a board that can keep pace with his ridiculously high level of overall carnage. He needs the one board to rule 'em all. And wouldn't it be sick if the board somehow paid hommage to his motherland? The SWISS KNIFE was born. A board worthy to be the pro model of a living legend. A board so mighty yet so handy. A board to cut the holes in your cheese.

Needless to say the SWISS KNIFE comes with all the functions you could want and need. And also some that you don't know what they are there for, but should consider yourself lucky to have.