Nike Zoom Kaiju Nicolas Müller Pro Model

A good idea is hatched like an egg. It gestates in your subconscious and plops out one day into your pre-frontal cortex as a good idea. Want an example? Check out the incredible new Zoom Kaiju Nicolas Müller boot that Nike just squeezed out. Watch this video for the full visual mind melt.

So what are those illustrations, you ask? They may seem familiar. They are often used in graphics, tattoos or maybe you have even seen an actual totem pole before. Well, let us give you a little slice of (f)Art History to enlighten you on the roots of this art form.

This style was grown out of the Northwest of North America throughout centuries, from tribes like the Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, Kwakwaka'wakw (Waka Flocka?) and the Nuu-chah-nulth. Try saying THAT three times fast. Anyway, each Northwest Indian Nation had its own characteristic designs, so you could tell which tribe or even which village a piece came from at a glance. They used what are known as formlines, which are continuous, flowing, curvilinear lines (much like Nico's riding, in fact).

The U-forms, S-forms and ovals usually depict nine different animals. These tribes lived totally in sync with nature and each of these different creatures acted as a guide along one's life journey. I guess this is why Nico decided to put birds on the his pro-model boot, so that all those who don them are guided by our winged friends as they slice through the air on their boards!

If you want to get deeper in this art form, look up artists from the past and present like Charles Edenshaw, Guujaaw, Mungo Martin, Charles Gladstone and Bill Reid. You can thank us for the tip, later.

Check out Nico with his sweet headdress:
Nico is totally a Chief
Chief Eagle Foot soars!Make sure you check for the full lowdown on this badass boot!