POTW // Sessions 1983 Jacket

Emerging from an absence since 2012, Sessions dug deep to mastermind a product, sworn to propell Session's legacy rockin' n' rolling for another 30 years, from the time of 1983; is after all the jacket to rip, die and ride in. Honoring it's origins in Lake Tahoe, CA, Sessions kept its design to a minimal, allowing zero chance for malfunction and a sole purpose to function as a jacket. Stripped of unnecessarygadgets, Sessions 1983 jacket pays for itself with every thread of legendary times that are bound to come with it. Desert native turned Tahoe local, Sessions team rider Ryland West reiterates the common echos of the Tahoe mountains, “Hell yeah! That’s what comes to mind when I put on the Sessions 1983 jacket”


Try it out in murdered black and see what you can get away with!

€ 169,95 /  £130,00 / $169.95

Slim and lightweight is a surefire way to hold fast and tweak harder into the season or night, making it a functional jacket for both moutain and street life. Even those, pro rider and brand manager Nick Visconti, who were known to ditch jackets have caved to the ideal formula, “From the fit to fashion to functionality, it's varsity”, solidifying Sessions mission to always have and always will, deliver premium gear for the honest snowboarder. Sessions went with a long tailored fit enchanced with 100% mechanical stretch polyester for natural mobility, to keeping our asses dry and under the radar.


Cordavon always gets the ladies hearts melting

€ 169,95 /  £130,00 / $169.95


“I’ve been snowboarding for almost twenty years and this is one of few jackets that I can say I wish I had for all twenty of them. From the fit to fashion to functionality, it’s varsity. I’ve been pegged (rightfully so) as one not to wear jackets, but this makes me want to zip up and rip. Jibbing, jumping and just straight cruising, I can wear it anywhere, anytime - AND I’m not even pro anymore! I don’t get paid to say that! The Sessions 1983 jacket is the shit.” - Nick Visconti, Sessions Brand Manager

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- 10k/10k 

- 100% polyester w/ mechanical stretch 

- Shell 

- Critically taped seems 

- Long tailored fit