Salomon Shadow Fit District Bindings

Flexibility is a good thing. It leads to all sorts of interesting situations. For example, you might find yourself trapped in third-story bathroom after a botched assassination attempt on a mob boss and have to wiggle your way out through a tiny window onto the ledge to escape certain death. Or you might want to impress that hot girl in yoga with your King Pigeon pose without snapping your spine and having it burst out of your upper abdomen in a bloody mess like the critter in Alien. There's also different kinds of flexibility, like when you are shit-faced drunk at the last bar still open and they run out of everything (including ice) except for bottom-shelf gin and you drink it anyway. Or when life throws you a curveball and your whole existence as you know it crumbles away and you take it all in stride, roll with the punches and keep on keepin' on. Or maybe you just want to tweak the shit out of your airs and feel like the binders strapped to your feet aren't even there. All of these situations, they all boil down to flexibility…

Enter the Salomon Shadow Fit binding! The incredible technology behind these binders will afford you freedom on a level you have never experienced. Sounds like your typical marketing pitch, right? Fair enough, but the fact remains that these bindings are actually pretty fucking amazing. What makes them amazing is the concept of a flexible heel cup, which despite not being entirely novel, has never been done this well before. This flexible yet bombproof heel cup, courtesy of the Kevlar QuickWire Salomon used, along with the extra cush straps and longitudinally stiff yet torsionally soft highbacks create a fully anatomical fit, essentially a binding that wraps around your boot like a shadow (hence the name, duh).

The result is a super light, super strong binding that actually flexes completely along with your whole kit. Shadow Fit technology is available in 2 different binders, the District, which you see here, and the Hologram. The District has a softer jib/street-oriented flex, while the Hologram is a bit stiffer for the mega booter and pipe kids. Fully endorsed by Big Lou Paradis, who filmed his entire Real Snow part this year on Districts, these binders will literally change the way you look at snowboarding!

Here's some clips with more on the tech behind Shadow Fit with some sweet stunts by the pro bros thrown in for good measure, now go get TWEAKED!
Feel that FLEX! Bet your bindings can't do that...The detailing and finish on these things are pretty fucking sweetThe highbacks are asymmetrical to conform better to your boots, it's all part of that "shadow" feelFully padded for your pleasureThe buckles are extra buttery and smoothKevlar Quickwire in the heel loop keeps things flexy and FUN!These bindings look good and they feel even better when attached to your lower appendagesThe Hologram model has a different highback and stiffer flex pattern for all you pipe jocks out thereBig Lou approved!So comfy it's like they're not even there