The North Face FUTURELIGHT Outerwear

The North Face have changed the future of the outerwear industry with the unveiling of FUTURELIGHT™ jackets, pants, and bibs in its Summit Series™, Steep Series™ and Flight Series™ collections. Developed using innovative nanospinning technology, FUTURELIGHT™ will offer first of its kind breathable, waterproof protection.

Jake Blauvelt in his happy place in the Brigandine Jacket.

The concept for FUTURELIGHT™ was born in the mountains out of specific requests from The North Face global athlete team looking for increased performance and breathability in their waterproof gear. Determined to reset the expectation that waterproof product is uncomfortable, heavy and stuffy, The North Face commenced a multi-year journey to create a waterproof fabric that’s not only soft, light, flexible and comfortable – but also durable and sustainably designed. After three years of research, product development and extensive lab and field testing, The North Face is proud to introduce the first apparel made from the brand’s proprietary, FUTURELIGHT™ fabric. 

We take a closer look at the Steep Series™ collection designed for the shred! Within this series is the Brigandine Jacket and Bib along with the A-Cad Jacket and Bib...

MEN’S BRIGANDINE JACKET: From alpine starts in Alaska to all-day pursuits in the Andes, the breathable-waterproof Brigandine FUTURELIGHT™ jacket adapts to the elements, keeping you dry and protected in tough-to-access backcountry powder stashes.



MEN’S BRIGANDINE BIB: Breathable-waterproof FUTURELIGHT™ bibs with FuseForm construction allow you to move more freely while keeping you protected when freeriding and skiing in tough-to-access backcountry powder stashes.


Blauvelt, testing...testing.
Victor De la Rue all smiles in the A-Cad jacket and Bib combo.


MEN’S A-CAD JACKET: Crafted with FUTURELIGHT™ 3L fabric, the A-CAD jacket keeps you dry and comfortable on big-mountain powder. Breathe (and move) easier on any ride with a more relaxed fit and a soft-brushed, warm tricot backer that actually feels good against your skin—even on the longest of days. 



MEN’S A-CAD BIB: Our A-CAD bibs are no stranger to big-mountain shredding. Made with FUTURELIGHT™ 3L fabric for added stretch and durability, these bibs feature a soft-brushed, warm tricot backer for a more comfortable ride—no matter what the mountain throws your way.

Find out more about the FUTURELIGHT™ fabric and the collection from The North Face HERE


Victor fires up the rooster tail in the A-Cad Jacket and Bib.