Mammouth has thick skin and he is walking tall like a prehistoric killer-mammal. When Mammouth drops in, you better get the f* out of the way. Throw in big-league spot selection, zero switch-f*cks given, and bloody aggressive technical riding
Mammouth Durette

PATCHES #1 With Seb Picard and Mammouth Durette

The first of 3 heavy short videos presented by Salomon Snowboards

Toonies - Seb Picard's Short Film

Presented by Salomon Snowboards

Salomon Snowboards - Home Alone

Seb Picard, Mammouth Durette, and Remy Fournier hit the streets of Old Quebec...

Coco Bongo Movie - Frank April & Phil Jaques

Coco and Bongo trippin'...

Louif Paradis' Beacon - Full Movie

Critically of the year?