Coco Bongo Movie - Frank April & Phil Jaques

A short snowboard film by Anthony Drolet starring Phil Jacques and Frank April, documenting their winter of freezing rooftop sessions where they definitely shouldn’t have been and poor timing on a trip to Japan that led to slushy summer camp-like temps for 3 weeks. Featuring friends from home and afar, this is what the season looked like for Coco and Bongo.

Starring : Frank April, Phil Jacques, Atsushi Hasegawa, Seb Picard, Mammouth Durette, Mickael Belley, Vince Grandmaison, Nic Roy and Ozzy Henning

Filmed and edited by : Anthony Drolet

Photos by : Anthony Drolet, Joseph Roby and Phil Jacques

Supported by : Rockstar Energy, Coal, Plenty Humanwear, Vans, Arbor, Empire and Capita