The 2024 Natural Selection 'DUELS'

The Natural Selection tour is officially on! Just like last year, the competition kicks off with 'DUELS'. A one on one format that allows the lucky contenders to compete for a chance to advance to the next stage: Revelstoke! This year there's 6 of them. Each of them took place in a unique location all over the globe, where riders got to pick their spots and shred the hell out of them... The footy was then closely watched by top of the notch judges deciding who gets to go to Revy. However, if you feel that one of the losers deserves to continue, the Natural Selection committee offers you a chance to vote for one extra rider to move on... So watch closely because you have your say in this!

Enough of reading, it's time to watch the 'DUELS' now! 


This year the Duels are:

- Sebbe De Buck VS Kevin Backstrom in Andermatt, CH

- Jamie Anderson VS Emma Crosby in Crested Butte, CO 

- Nils Mindnich VS Victor Daviet in Durango, CO 


- Red Gerard VS Austen Sweetin in Scarp Ridge, CO


- Raibu Kataiama VS Torgeir Bergrem in Myoko, Japan 

- Spencer O'Brien VS Mary Rand in Red Mountain, BC