Airblaster's March Movie - Bonus Sections

This is probably a good time to look back at Airblaster's month of full on shred. They took on the month of March with full force riding every day, somewhere, no matter what the weather or conditions. From that, the March Movie was created.

Here are some bonus sections that never made the full movie, above is the City Beach section in Whitefish with Max Tokunaga, Erik Leon, Max Warbington, Yusaku Horii, & Kazu Kitayama letting loose on the beach.

Then the team take on the Nate Chute Banked Slalom 2017 which pretty much consisted of... Wake up before the sun, put on your poncho, ride the bus to the mountain, and race your face. Featuring: Tucker Andrews, Taylor Carlton, Jackson Fowler, Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Max Tokunaga, Seamus Foster, & Kazu Kitayama

For the final bonus Travis Parker gets loose with the Foot Plant.

Watch the 4-Part March Movie HERE