PORB - Ninja Suit Pro test #1

PORB - Ninja Suit Pro test #1: the first of a new, ongoing, never ending Ninja Suit Pro product testing story.

Powder, Onsen, Ramen, Beer: the top 4 ingredients that make life & snowboarding in Japan so amazing.

Join Ninja Suit ambassadors Tim Eddy, Erik Leon, Austen Sweetin, & Yusaku Horii on the ultimate product testing mission of the ultimate next level base layer: the Ninja Suit Pro

*this film will cause extreme Japanese Powder Fever

film & edit: Sean Lucey / @lucey

Designed for Alpine touring, the Ninja Suit Pro protects you from falling snow/precipitation and ridge-top gusts so you can focus on quick transitions and logging more laps. 

Check it out at: myninjasuit.com & the world's best snow x outdoor retail

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