BangingBees x Vans - 'Off The Bees' With Kas Lemmens

Banging Bees presents "Off The Bees" with Kas Lemmens looking back at his introduction to snowboarding and how his career has progressed to this point of joining the Vans Team.

Dutch snowboarder Kas Lemmens learned riding on a little indoor slope call Montana in the Netherlands. He's now one of the most respected street snowboarder in the world, known for this smooth style and unique spot selection. As Kas recently entered the Vans team it was the right moment to have a retrospect of his careerr and learn more about him. 

Supported by Vans
Produced by BangingBees
Filming and editing: Tim Schiphorst
Archive footage: Tim Schiphorst & Petrus Koskinen
Producer: Julien Mounier
Translation: Julien Mounier & Justin Dutilh
Music in order of appearance:
Infinity Girl - Firehead
Swen Wunder - Lily
Francisco The Man - Come on, ETC (Instrumental)