Benny Milam's Summer Dream - Enchanted Forest

As Summer’s lush greenery and blue skies are met in tandem with the challenging decision of which ski pass to lock-in for the winter – September brings with it a feeling of true seasonal confliction. Warm days are quickly met with a burning desire to strap (or click) into bindings for the first time of the season. Benny Milam, snowboarding’s own ‘King of The Flatland’, knows this feeling all too well.

Benny’s dreams of riding year-around become a reality in his latest video project, “Enchanted Forest”. Filmed at Wisconsin’s iconic Trollhaugen Resort, Benny transcends snowboarding’s seasonality as he drops into a verdant forest – filled with log jibs, forest folk, and just enough snow for Benny to showcase his snowboarding prowess.

While one watch might leave much to question around the building and filming of this line (which some of these assets dive into), it certainly proves one thing: the best riding is born out of seeing possibility in the unlikeliest of places – and Benny Milam does just that with Enchanted Forest.