WINGSPAN | a short film starring Luke Winkelmann & Judd Henkes

"With Covid-19 shutting down resorts/contests in the 20/21 season, an opportunity arose to switch gears and create our first street snowboard film. This is an expressional video showcasing the sense of community and friendship that snowboarding provides. When faced with the challenges that come up it’s crucial to stay positive and not succumb to the negativity." - Luke
Wingspan was filmed during the month of February in Minnesota (16 days) and North Carolina (5 days) 

Riders: Luke Winkelmann, Judd Henkes, Ethan Deiss, Louie Arrigoni, Alex Caccamo and Benny Milam

Produced by: Drew Hastings & Luke Winkelmann 

Additional film: Joe Carlino, Sean Aaron, Dan Tyler and Dylan Mead

Thankyou for the support : 
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