Bent Metal Binding Works - "EXTRA CLICK" Episode 1

Follow along with Team Metal in the first installment of Bent Metal Binding Works new video series "Extra Click". A seamless flow of lines connected by the confidence boosting clicks of their forged aluminum buckles. This first installment features Matteo Soltane, Phil Hansen, Jesse Burtner, Naima Antolin, Julain Gluck, Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Tucker Andrews, Lily Calabrese, Lauren Nelson, Mans Hedberg and Temple Cummins. Filmed at the Summit at Snoqualmie, Holy Bowly, It's Tits, Hurricane Ridge, Brainbowl and beyond. Crank it down and give it your all with "Extra Click"!

Filmed by: Al Grogan, Tim Stanford, Logan Beaulieu, Tim Zimmerman and more.

Edit by Sean Lucey

Title effects by Ben Lardy