Lib Tech's Road to Holy Bowly Part 10: "Holy Moly"

For part 10 of the Road to Holy Bowly series they decided to do something a little different and trust Phil Hansen to take a crew in an RV to Banff and document it. Edited by Phil himself in 3 days as a hilarious side project, this raw, no filter, all filler video captures what happens on the road with 12 people over 19 days. Proclaimed by the entire crew as “the best 19 days of our lives,” this edit captures the bond of friendship and good times at an all time high. From Mt. Baker, Grouse, and Sunshine Village, to late nights, early mornings, and all the tomfoolery in between, we invite you to experience The Road to Holy Bowly through Phil’s mind, “Holy Moly.”

Caution: R rated content 

In association with Coal Headwear, Tactics, and Bent Metal.

Phil Hansen
Matteo Soltain
Jack Wiley
Xander Cornaby
Devin Tubbs
Brayden Charette
Miles Freelan
Brendan Sullivan
Liam Gill

Appearances from:
Tucker Andrews
Blake Paul
Forest Bailey
Naima Antolin
Lauren Nelson
Al Grogan
Kevin Nolan
Max Warbington
Cannon Cummins
Ryan Paterson
Austen Sweetin
Pat Morrissey
Tim Zimmerman
and Julian Gluck

Filmed by:
Sean Lucey
Logan Beaulieu
Kevin Nolan
And the RV crew

Edited and directed by:
Phil Hansen