Carinthia Parks 2017 Opening Edit

Carinthia Parks at Mt Snow - "Weekend one is in the books for the 2017/18 season, and what a weekend it was. We started out in The Gulch with 14 features including two kickers, something we've never had before this early in the season.

While most folks take a lap or two to get their legs under them, the C-Team and friends went straight balls to the wall right out the gate, like they hadn't skipped beat from last season. If it continues like this we're going to see some serious S&*T go down this season."

Riders in order: Shaun Murphy, Levi Gunzburg, Jeremy Ellenberg, Jake Gaudet, Rory Bruder, Jack "J-Scoot" Szkutak and Max Lyons.

Filmed/Cut Devin Bernard

Music: Jaguar Scarification Ritual - Barishi